January 20, 2009

The Lost Transcript, Part 5

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Balthazar:  I was wondering where my Onslaught has wandered off to.

Dreadnought:  Give a break!  I’m fishing Eon’s number.

Balthazar:  You don’t have to.  Bastion did him already.

Dreadnought:  You didn’t?  And what of Aegis?

Balthazar:  She’s safe.  Eon took the blow for her.

Dreadnought:  I thought we had a deal?!

Balthazar:  I thought you’re ditching her for my post?

Dreadnought:  Still, you could’ve spared them both.

Balthazar:  Trifles.  Now where is my blade?

Dreadnought:  Wait, something’s up.

Balthazar:  What?  Stop dilly-dallying.

Dreadnought:  My query.  It returned something.

Balthazar:  So?  That is of little concern to me.

Dreadnought:  Oh, this you should really be concerned with.

Balthazar:  Then spit it out already.

Dreadnought:  Eon’s back online.  With the same account.  Though he keeps getting disconnected and reconnected.

Balthazar:  What?!  Utter nonsense!  No one can escape the killing blades.  Except for us.

Dreadnought:  Then how can you explain this?

Balthazar:  Either Bastion is lying, or he is indeed a hacker to reckon with.  I need his IP.

Dreadnought:  That’s the thing.  Everytime the connection is renewed, a new IP is registered.

Balthazar:  Like a mask.

Dreadnought:  He is virtually untraceable.  What a wildcard indeed.  It seems to me that the stakes have risen.

Balthazar:  Oh, he will be dealt with no matter what.  In the meantime, the show must go on.  Now hand me my Onslaught.

Dreadnought:  OMG~

Balthazar:  What now?

Dreadnought:  I’ve extracted the scripts from the blade.

Balthazar:  And?

Dreadnought:  Something did not make sense.  A memory address assigned to a variable that was never used.

Balthazar:  I hope you didn’t look at where it was leading to.

Dreadnought:  It leads to a pile of carefully hidden scripts.  You’re planning to control the monsters?

Balthazar:  Yes, turn them into walking killing blades.  I told you not to pry your nose in places it doesn’t belong.

Dreadnought:  So you are dead serious.

Balthazar:  Have I broken any of my words just yet?

Dreadnought:  This has got to stop.  I’m going to report you!

Balthazar:  The monsters – those are just for appetizers.  Besides, you can’t report me.  I’m on vacation.

Dreadnought:  You are going to jail when you get back!

Balthazar:  And so are you!  For conspiring with me.

Dreadnought:  Better that than a billion dollar class-action lawsuit.

Balthazar:  I take it our deal is off then?

Dreadnought:  I’m going to hide Onslaught.  You’ll never find it.

Balthazar:  Not if I can do something about it.

Dreadnought:  Like what?  Stop me from logging out?

Balthazar:  Precisely that.


Balthazar:  Dreadnought~  Oh Benedict~

Balthazar:  Where are you~?

Balthazar:  Remember this: I’m going to hunt you down and make a public humiliation of you.

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